Our Mats

We use the most eco-friendly vinyl worldwide. We strive to keep our planet healthy by also using eco-friendly printing technologies for all of our designs. Our vinyl rugs are made with 100% green electric power and consist of 25% recycled materials. Our mats are also recyclable post-use.

Our mats are 100% phthalate-free flooring fabric. Zameen vinyl rugs are environmentally friendly and free from heavy metals, phthalates, plasticizers and isocyanate-containing compounds. They contain no cadmium, making our vinyl rugs the greenest flooring material ever.

Zameen rugs contain no heavy metals, fermaldehydes or harmful plasticizers, producing a quality product that meets requirements for a minimal impact on the environment. We are E1 approved for emissions (level of formaldehyde is inferior to 0.1PPM).

Zameen rugs have been rigorously tested for slip resistance, reaction to fire, underfloor heating, thermal resistance, thermal conductivity, furniture leg resistance and castor char resistance.